Controversy Surrounds Resigning of Emmanuel Sanders

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the decision to resign Emmanuel Sanders. As one would expect there are positive and negative factors for both sides of the argument. No matter which way you fall on the situation, it brings back one more weapon for the Steelers’ seemingly latent offensive attack.

In case you weren’t aware, the dilemma the Steelers faced was trying to keep Sanders, a restricted free agent. For those of us who don’t exactly know what that is, allow yours truly to break it down.

emmanuel sanders steelersA restricted free agent (RFA) is one with three accrued seasons (six or more regular season games with a team)[1] of service, who has received a “qualifying” offer (a salary level predetermined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and its players, known as a “tender”) from his current club. He can negotiate with any club through a certain date. If the restricted free agent accepts an offer sheet from a new club, his old club has “right of first refusal,” a five-day period in which it may match the offer and retain him, or choose not to match the offer, in which case it may receive one or more draft picks for the upcoming draft from the player’s new club. If an offer sheet is not executed, the player’s rights revert to his old club the day after negotiations must end.

Thank you Wikipedia for summing that up for me. If you wish to read more on depth on the subject, head over there to delve into everything about it. In any event, Sanders was left with a decision to either sign with us again or entertain offers from around the league. We would then have a limited time to match said offer and watch him on Sundays again. Or he could simply walk if we didn’t (or couldn’t in some people’s eyes) match.

Like the sly little bastards they are, Bill Belichick and his cronies jump out of nowhere and offer Sanders a one year deal for the fair amount of $2.5 million. That’s more than likely a little more than we would have offered him, but because New England offered it first it meant we HAD to give at least that much or risk losing yet another good wide out. So maybe it was a little more Han we wanted to pay, but in the end u believe it was worth it.

Here’s where the real kicker comes in. Seeing as how it’s only a one year deal, we could theoretically be back in the same boat next season. Only this time he’d be a free agent and could walk no matter what. Basically to whomever offers the biggest check. We’ve already lost crybaby Wallace to Miami so we can’t really afford to NOT sign him. I am still thinking of placing a bet at for us to have a succesful season!

Now I know a lot of people are damming the Rooney family for wasting precious time and money on this deal. But after the loss of big names like James Harrison and Keenan Lewis, the direction they want to take becomes pretty clear. To corral in young bucs to start taking over from the seasoned veterans. I understand that people can get upset with seeing the guys they have grown with move on, but the only way a team can thrive is by change. No matter how resistant their faithful followers may become. Change is always a big deal for any of us. We don’t like it. And don’t think I’m trying to take the passion and fun of being loyal out of the game.

Let’s put it this way, you deliver pizza for a living. Been doing it for years. You’re great at it. All of a sudden someone shows up into your shop and offers you a new set of tires and a new engine. Most people would look at you like your ass was in fire if you DIDN’T take the offer. That’s what we’re asking these players to do. To send the opportunity to move up in the world for sake of pride.

Seems a little selfish on our part, doesn’t it?

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